Interview: Mobb Deep Celebrate The Golden Age of Hip-Hop

By Courtney E. Smith

When legendary New York City hip-hop duo Mobb Deep sat down for an interview with, the first thing Prodigy divulged was his TV watching habits. He was telling Havoc that he should really watch Netflix’s House of Cards, which evolved into a detailed discussion of how Prodigy fell down the rabbit hole of watching all of Desperate Housewives.

And that was just in the first five minutes before the cameras even started rolling.

In the actual interview, which you can watch above, the guys got serious revealing why it is that they decided to return to the scene with their first studio LP since 2006’s Blood Money.

“You actually have to force us to stay away,” Prodigy said. “Like being drug fiends for hip-hop, you know, it was time for us to go back and get our fix.”

He added, “First and foremost we’re fans…When we hear other artists make great music that inspires us to go in the studio too. We get kind of jealous.’Damn, he got a hot record. C’mon we need to make our hot record.'”

In our sit-down with the duo the guys also talked about where they find their samples, why they call their music “reality rap” and what they think of the hip-hop head culture that has sprung up around their music.

The duo’s eighth studio album, The Infamous Mobb Deepa double album featuring a disc of original music and another bonus disc filled with unreleased tracks from their 1995 album, Infamousis out now.







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