With an Assist from Pharrell, Ed Sheeran Can ‘Sing’

By Courtney E. Smith

It wasn’t enough that the whole world got “Happy,” now Ed Sheeran and Pharrell want them to “Sing.”

This unlikely duo have teamed up in honor of Sheeran’s latest single and apparently he’s ready for more than sad songs on an acoustic guitar.

“Sing” is the first track off Sheeran’s forthcoming album, x, or Multiply, which will hit stores on June 23 and weirdly, shares the same one-letter title as Chris Brown’s album coming out in May. Awkward.

Sheeran told Rolling Stone that he wrote over 120 songs in preparation for his sophomore album and in addition to recording with Pharrell, also cut tracks with Rick Ruben and Benny Blanco. All of which indicates we might have a less introspective and more bombastic Sheeran experience all around this time.

But he also insisted these are still “raw, honest songs from the heart.” He further teases that fans can expect “songs about drunken regret and comedowns from certain things,” like kissing and almost telling about a fellow singer who hooks up with one of his friends in a hotel, destroying their friendship. Apparently the song is so brutal that Taylor Swift herself told Sheeran she hopes she never pisses him off.

Sheeran told RS that “Sing” is about secretly drinking at a dry industry party — could he mean the GRAMMYs? Listen to the track below and draw your own conclusion.



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