Charlie Daniels Calls Justin Moore a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’

By Annie Reuter

Justin Moore is the prime example of good things come to those who wait.

For six years, Moore has been working hard to make a name for himself, but it wasn’t until this year that he received his first nomination at the ACM Awards for New Artist of the Year, which he won last night.

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In an interview before his performance Friday night (April 4) at the ACM Party for a Cause concert, which brought awareness for Outnumber Hunger, Moore talked to about his journey.

“We’ve been out six years and we’ve got three albums out and we’re out headlining our own arena tour,” he told backstage. “It was a little shocking to be up for New Artist, but after six years of not being nominated for anything, I would take Female Vocalist if they wanted to give that to me. I don’t care. I’m thinking about growing my hair out.”

In all seriousness, he said he was very excited about the nomination.

“To me, that’s nothing negative about saying ‘new.’ That means, hopefully everybody thinks we’re doing something fresh out there,” he explained. “For as many people that know our music, there’s ten times as many that don’t. That tells me we have to keep grinding and work harder.”

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Moore has been outspoken about his passion for country music legend Charlie Daniels, and in an interview with last week, Daniels sang Moore’s praises.

“I’ve had a 56-year career by doing what I felt like what was good for us,” Daniels told “I’ve done some things just because the record company wanted me to. It don’t work for me. I will never do it a again. I did what I wanted to do. I know what I’m best suited to do. That’s what we’re missing. That’s what we’re not seeing. That’s why innovation is not happening, and new sounds are not happening.”

Daniels–whose latest album, Off the Grid – Doin’ It Dylan,came out last week–added, “What we need is a breath of fresh air like a Keith Urban, Zac Brown or Justin Moore or somebody that comes along and does it differently enough to be innovative.”

Check out the full list of winner’s at last night’s ACM Awards here.




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