R.I.P. Jokes About Pharrell’s Hat, Wordplay on ‘Happy’ Thanks to New SNL Promo

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(Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

(Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

By Jeremy D. Larson

Pharrell, one of the most ground-breaking producers and musicians of this generation, has recently been subject to two things non-stop: His oversized Vivienne Westwood hat and puns about being “Happy.” You know, because of the song?

They say writing about music is like dancing about architecture, but writing about goofy hats and making a pun on the word “happy” are just about the easiest things you can do. So for the SNL promo with Anna Kendrick, Pharrell played dumb to the whole thing, sending up the main two talking points surrounding him for the last two months.

Watch the promo below, and hope that this is the last time we do a play on words on “happy” or mention Pharrell’s hat again. R.I.P. jokes about Pharrell’s hat. R.I.P. puns on the word “happy.”

SNL with Pharrell and Anna Kendrick airs tomorrow, April 5, at 11:35 p.m. EST on NBC.

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