Kings of Leon Concert Becomes a Possible Breeding Ground for Measles

By Shannon Carlin

Did you or a friend attend a Kings of Leon show in Seattle recently? If the answer is yes, you should make an appointment with your personal physician as soon as possible.

According to the Washington State Department of Health (via SPIN), the KOL show on March 28 at the city’s Key Arena is being listed as a source of a possible measles exposure.

Officials says a woman in her 20s had attended the show while contagious with the measles, which she reportedly caught two days prior after visiting a family that was linked to an outbreak in British Columbia.

As the health department states, if you’ve been vaccinated, which most people have been, you’re in the clear. But for those who have not been properly vaccinated, it can be highly contagious and in some cases can lead to death. Please don’t let this happen do you.

The guys of Kings of Leon probably thought having pigeons defecate on them in St. Louis was as bad as it could get. At least they’ll always have Philly and their cheesesteaks.



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