Teens React to Nirvana Accordingly With Confusion, Empathy, Giggles

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Frank Micelotta/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Frank Micelotta/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

By Jay Tilles

What better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain‘s death and Nirvana‘s upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame than to gauge reactions from teens who weren’t old enough to have lived through a crucial period in popular music. Well, that’s just what YouTubers The Fine Brothers set out to do with their video.

In the nine-minute “Teens React To Nirvana” video, a group of 12 teenagers ranging from 14-19 start by watching three music videos; “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Heart-Shaped Box”, and “About A Girl.” The teens provide candid reactions as the brothers discuss Cobain’s suicide and the legacy that lives on.

When asked why teenagers still find relevance in the 20-year-old songs, 17-year-old Jeordy responded, “Young people always go through s—. We have the same angst and problems and inner struggles that the kids 50 years ago had.”

When asked what type of people like Nirvana? Reactions varied from, “They don’t wash their hair,” to “preppy,” “hipster” “skater,” “gothic” and “artsy.”

Many of the teens were unfamiliar with the grunge movement and even more surprising/disturbing, some didn’t know Cobain was dead.


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