Luke Bryan Releases New Video for ‘Spring Break’ Song ‘She Get Me High’

By Staff

Earlier this month Luke Bryan released the 2014 edition of what’s now an annual tradition for him, his party-themed springtime EP Spring Break 6…Like We Ain’t Ever. Now the Georgia singer has unveiled a video for one of the songs, “She Get Me High.” Watch it below.

The track is, as you might have guessed, a love song. And being a part of Bryan’s Spring Break series, it’s also imbued with a good-time, beach-friendly party vibe.

Filmed during one of his annual spring break concerts in Panama City Beach, Florida, the video intertwines plenty of beach partying and footage of Bryan in the studio.

Bryan released his sixth spring break EP, Spring Break 6…Like We Ain’t Ever on March 11, and in an episode of his weekly video series LBTV, he talked of how it all started accidentally.

“I just kind of stumbled into doing the spring break concerts and making the spring break album, and here we are on the sixth spring break album,” he said. “It’s awesome. It’s totally what you want as an entertainer, to have those kind of dynamics in your show.”

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Bryan said he finds comfort in writing whatever he wants for each spring break release. “Nobody’s going to hold it against me. It’s not going to come back and haunt me if I do a crazy song for spring break.”

Spring Break 6…Like We Ain’t Ever is out now.


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