Interview: Archer’s Cherlene on her Debut Country Album (Part 2)

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(Courtesy FX)

(Courtesy FX)

By Jeremy D. Larson

This week we celebrate the release of Cherlenethe debut album from the mononymous Cherlene (aka railroad heiress Cheryl (or Carol) Tunt). If you’re unfamiliar with Cherlene, you should be following her career toward country stardom on Season 5 of the FX TV show Archer.

In part two of our interview with Cherlene, she delves into her complicated relationship with her manager, her recent collaboration with the one and only Kenny Loggins, and contemplates the future of her career.

Be sure to catch up on part one of our interview here.

The album Cherlene is available right now on iTunes.


What is your relationship with your manager? How has she helped your career?

Oh, Mrs. Archer? It’s weird because she used to be my boss, but now it’s like, I’m her boss. Or also it’s like she’s my boss. I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve thought about it. But it’s whatever. At least she controls the money, so I don’t have to think about it. Or is it, I don’t think about it, so she controls the money? I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve thought about it.

Oh but she did tell me that during interviews, every answer I should try and mention the title of one of my songs, but work it in all sneaky-like. So like. I don’t know. Something something Danger Zone? WINK.

When did you first hear Kenny Loggins and what made you want to collaborate with him?

The first time, gosh, that’s a great question. I wish I knew the answer! I honestly don’t remember when I first saw Footloose. Which, I told Kenny, I know it’s an important film and shows how bad it was in Nazi Germany or wherever, but the theme song? There’s lyrics like, “Please/ Louise/ Pull me offa my knees” and “Jack/ Get back/ Come on before we crack,” but get this: Louise and Jack aren’t even characters in the film. So I gave Kenny some revised lyrics in case he ever gets the chance to go back and fix it, like, “Ren/ Move in / And prove dancing’s not a sin,” and “Reverend Moore/ I heard your/ Daughter’s the schoolyard whore.” But I think Kenny said it’d cost too much to go back and fix it at this point, which is a shame.

(Courtesy FX)(Courtesy FX)

Where do you see yourself in five years?

You know, I’m really not sure. Just a couple weeks ago, actually, I asked the gypsy woman that same question: where do you see myself in five years? But the gypsy woman — she’s not the same gypsy woman as the gypsy woman in my song “Gypsy Woman,” I’ve been seeing a new gypsy woman, but this one’s kinda big into stuff like free-will and the-future-is-in-motion so her predictions aren’t nearly as good as the last gypsy woman I went to, but this one’s closer.

If you had to pick to spend five minutes with, Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson, who would you pick and why?

Wow it’s so funny you should ask that — we’ve actually sent out feelers to both of them! I hope they say yes. I mean, could you imagine? The three of us in a music video? For “Straight to Hell”? Performed by Cherlene feat. Willie Nellie and J-Ca$h?!


But we haven’t heard back yet, soooooo we’ll see. Up to them. The balls are in their courts. Oh my god. I had no idea how bad that sentence would sound until “balls” came out of my mouth.

What are two words you hope people use to describe your personality?

Well, as the Queen of Outlaw Country, the two words I would use to describe my personality are “outlaw-y” and “country-y.” The third word I would use is “queen-y,” but the last time I used it my voice coach slapped me and told me never to use it again. Whatever. I dunno what’s up his butt.

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