Justin Bieber’s Wink at the End of His Deposition Could Tear This World Asunder

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(Ben Watts for Republic Records)

(Ben Watts for Republic Records)

By Jeremy D. Larson

We know that all depositions are literally “for the books” but this one is, you know, for the books.

Justin Bieber, embattled pop star and young man with soon nothing left hide, felt the strong arm of the justice system as he was deposed the other week for his part in an ongoing lawsuit against his bodyguard. However the bodyguard, judicial professionalism, and decorum in general play a minor role in this, the latest Bieber fracas.

What’s left are these remnants — modern relics, really — of Bieber being Bieber, in an almost Shia LaBeouf/Alec Baldwin performance art piece. It is a performance so uncanny in its predictability of Bieber’s past behavior that there has to be some sort of subversive message going on, a subliminal text.

TMZ has edited videos of what they refer to as “Lovesick Bieber” and “Contentious Bieber”, and though we’re all aware of what someone can do with clever editing to leave out the parts where the “Baby” singer acts like human not burdened with the weight of the world, one action stands out. One little wink at the camera at the very end of the “Arrogant Bieber”, like Shakespeare’s Iago or Frank Underwood in “House Of Cards.”

What does this wink mean? Is he above this deposition? Was he exhausted at the lawyer’s prying at his life like a tabloid journalist, perhaps aware that part of the prosecution’s tack was to break him down and look like a brat in front of the camera? Does he know that TMZ would eventually leak this tape and has been performing this act for us the whole time? If so, that wink is truly incredible.

Of course, he may just be an arrogant little s—.

Watch The Wink below:


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