Stream the ‘Game of Thrones’ Mixtape ‘Catch the Throne’ Featuring Big Boi, Wale & Common

By Shannon Carlin

Winter is coming, but the Catch The Throne mixtape has arrived.

Fans of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” can stream a new show-inspired mixtape featuring Big Boi, Wale, Common and other hip-hop and Latin music artists. Each track has them singing over beats made from samples from the show. Yes, Big Boi is nerding out about the Mother of Dragons and proclaiming the Khaleesi the rightful heir to the throne. We’re interested to hear what King Joffrey has to say about this.

Common explained that the idea for this mixtape is no different than what Wu-Tang Clan was doing in the ’90s when they used dialogue from 1970s Chinese action movies.

“Twenty years ago, Wu-Tang was breaking ground,” Common told the Wall Street Journal. “Nowadays, people are open to anything. There are no limitations in hip-hop culture.”

Stream Catch the Throne below. Watch the season four premiere of “Game of Thrones” on April 6.


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