Beach House’s New Track ‘Saturn Song’ Features Actual Sounds From Saturn

By Shannon Carlin

With Beach House’s new track “Saturn Song,” the duo makes something that is completely out of this world. Literally.

The song is featured on a new compilation called Space Project, which features songs that were built around recordings made by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space probes. But the “sounds” taken from the space probes aren’t really sounds at all, instead they’re “electromagnetic radiation fluctuations in the magnetosphere of the planets, moons and large asteroids the Voyager probes traveled near.”

But the otherworldly Baltimore band makes good use of Saturn’s electromagnetic radiation to create their own twinkly ballad that has Victoria Legrand singing about four leaf clovers and being out on her own. Listen to “Saturn Song” on NPR.

Space Project, which features interstellar tracks from The Antlers, Youth Lagoon and Spiritualized, will be out April 19, better known as Record Store Day.

Check out the tracklist for the upcoming album below.

Space Project Tracklisting

A: Porcelain Raft, “Giove”
B: The Antlers, “Jupiter”

A: Mutual Benefit, “Terraform”
B: Anna Meredith, “Miranda”

A: Spiritualized “Mississippi Space Program,” “Always Together With You (The Bridge Song)”
B. The Holydrug Couple, “Amphitrites Lost”

A: Youth Lagoon- “Worms”
B: Blues Control, “Blues Danube”

A: Beach House, “Saturn Song”
B: Zomes, “Moonlet”

A: Absolutely Free, “EARTH I”
B: Jesu, “Song of Earth”

A: Benoit & Sergio, “Long Neglected Words”
B: Larry Gus, “Sphere of Io (For Georg Cantor)”


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