Watch Band of Skulls Acoustic Performance of ‘Asleep at the Wheel’ [Premiere]

By Brian Ives 

Every few years you hear the familiar refrain: “rock is dead.” And every few years there’s an artist, or a few artists, who proves that rock isn’t. Right now, one of those bands is Band of Skulls.

The UK trio features guitarist/singer Russell Marsden, bassist/singer Emma Richardson and drummer Matt Hayward; they launched Band Of Skulls in 2008 (after playing together in other projects). BoS are heavy without being fully metal, abrasive but not punk, sexy without being creepy and weird without being obtuse, in a similar way to Jane’s Addiction (who they’ve opened for). And like Jane’s — and every other great band — they’ve honed their skills on the road. 

Their months on the road  informed their new album Himalayan, due out April 1. Richardson says, “We were trying to get rid of the choice of what would be the single and make 12 pop songs.”

Mardsen adds, “Playing to lots of audiences has helped. You have songs that clearly do something and you can see it happening, and then you see gaps in your armour and you have to go back and write them. It’s like a very long-term plan of filling in the gaps.”

Watch below, as the band strip down for acoustic version of their latest single “Asleep at the Wheel”.

Their latest album  Himalayan  is due out April 1 on  Shangri-La Music..


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