After Muslim-Backed Petition, Katy Perry Erases ‘Blasphemous’ Allah Symbol from ‘Dark Horse’ Video

She also helped deliver a baby in a living room, so it's been an eventful couple days for Katy Perry.

By Staff

After a petition demanding that Katy Perry‘s opulent video for the single “Dark Horse” be removed from YouTube due to scene depicting an Allah symbol being burned garnered more than 65,000 signatures, the offending image has quietly been erased.

“Guys I’m thrilled to let you all know the name of Allah has been removed from the ‘Dark Horse’ video,” posted petition organizer Shazad Iqbal on today (Feb. 27) regarding the symbol, which represents the Arabic word for God. “We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support so I thank each and every one of you deeply, our voices have been heard!”

Iqbal’s petition, however, may have been a little too specific in asking that the image be pulled from YouTube. As Spin points out, the offending scene where a man wearing a Allah pendant burns to ash can still clearly be seen on the Vevo version of the clip at the 1:15 mark. On YouTube, the pendant has been digitally erased.

Whether the fact that the scene is still intact on Vevo will generate another petition remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, Perry used her Twitter account yesterday (Feb. 26) to announce that she’d helped a woman deliver a baby in a living room. While the singer didn’t reveal whose baby she helped deliver, E! News speculated that it could be her older sister, Angela Hudson.


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