Lindsay Ell’s ‘Trippin’ On Us’ Video Showcases a Catchy Song & Confident New Artist

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Lindsay Ell

Lindsay Ell (courtesy Dashboard Media)

By Kurt Wolff

Are you eager to hear more strong female voices on your daily country playlist? And are also you curious who some of the genre’s breakout stars might be in 2014? Then turn your attention right now to Lindsay Ell.

Ell is a Calgary native who’s been gaining ground the past several years, thanks to her songs, voice, and guitar playing (she’s been picking since age 8, can dish out some beefy rock riffs when she wants to, and is also a bit of a gearhead).

Now she’s working her way onto the country charts, too, thanks to her new single, “Trippin’ on Us.” Today (Feb. 24), Ell released a video for the song. Watch it below.

The video was shot in a place that will resonate with fans of the TV show Nashville: it’s the same Belle Meade mansion that Connie Britton rented during the show’s first season.

As a song, “Trippin’ On Us” is immediately catchy, which certainly helps break the ice — if it wasn’t, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation. But what makes it even more interesting is that its got a strong female point of view — something that has been a rarity lately in commercial country music. It’s a song about new love (and/or lust) from a woman’s point of view that feels deliberate and confident.

The video doubles down on that POV:


Ell has been picking bluegrass and blues since she was eight years old, but her professional career began in her early teens when she met Randy Bachman of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and the Guess Who. The fellow Canadian helped get her career off the ground, writing songs with her and producing what would become her debut album in 2007, Consider This.

Ell has since moved to Nashville, and “Trippin’ On Us” is her debut single for Stoney Creek Records. Ell is also opening for The Band Perry during their We Are Pioneers Tour this spring.

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