Interview: The Crystal Method Talks New Album, ‘Almost Human’ and the EDM Landscape

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By Scott T. Sterling

In the latter half of the 90s, with the grunge scene all but gone and rap-rock outfits like Limp Bizkit and Korn owning the charts, a clutch of underground dance acts were, for a brief moment, positioned as music’s next big thing.

Led by European acts such as the Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy (who even scored the cover of Rolling Stone), the burgeoning scene boasted precious few artists from this side of the Atlantic.

“There weren’t enough North American acts that had records out and were touring,” remembered Ken Jordan, one half of The Crystal Method, along with Scott Kirkland.

The band’s 1997 debut, Vegas, featured hit singles “Busy Child” and “Keep Hope Alive,” putting them on par with their contemporaries from around the world. “It was all based on European acts, and Moby and us. But now, there’s so much support. The people can get the music they want now,” he added in regards to technology and the lack of “star makers” like MTV. “Music that doesn’t fit into a specific genre or box has a much better chance now to make it.”

The band is currently supporting its’ recently released self-titled fifth LP, which features such unexpected collaborators as Dia Frampton of TV show The Voice fame and star country music singer, LeAnn Rimes.

It’s The Crystal Method’s first studio album since 2009′s Divided by Night, and arrives as EDM has made it’s biggest impact on American youth culture. The pair are poised as seasoned veterans among a new generation of artists and fans getting their first brush with dance music.

With the album delayed as Kirkland recovered from brain surgery to remove a benign cyst, The Crystal Method has been making an impact on the world of soundtracks, and are currently crafting all of the music for FOX sci-fi TV show, Almost Human.

The Crystal Method are mulling over tour dates for later in the year, having recently worked with a full live band for a triumphant show at Los Angeles’s El Rey Theatre this past January. The only date currently on the duo’s calendar is set for March 28 at Miami club Mekka, right in the heart of the EDM-driven Miami Music Week.

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