Watch Lily Allen Become One With Nature in ‘Air Balloon’ Video

By Shannon Carlin

Lily Allen got people talking (and maybe twerking) with her video “Hard Out Here.” But when it comes to her latest clip for “Air Balloon,” she’s ditching controversy for butterflies.

Set in what may or may not be the Serengeti, Allen holds her own personal rave. Those in attendance include a few dirty hippies, zebras and a cheetah, who Allen gets pretty cozy with.

But perhaps this is all a bit of a fever dream, since later on in the clip,  mushrooms mysteriously grow to human proportions and Allen is seen floating high above the earth.

In her new video, Allen also proves that hanging out in an open field is no excuse when it comes to style. The video gives us close-up shots of Allen’s fashionable safari gear like her gold sequined platform shoes, her magenta lips and metallic nails.

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Yesterday (Feb. 5), Allen released her song “L8 CMMR,” which is featured on the upcoming Girls soundtrack, due out Feb. 11.

Allen is currently working on her as-yet-untitled third album, no release date for that one has been announced as of now.


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