Skinny Puppy Bills the Pentagon for Using Its Music as Guantanamo Bay Torture Tactic

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(Courtesy Official Skinny Puppy)

(Courtesy Official Skinny Puppy)

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By Scott Sterling

In the murky realm of industrial music, pioneering Canadian band Skinny Puppy has long been revered among the scene’s patron saints. But if you’re going to use their music for torture, you’re going to have to pay up.

It was revealed today (Feb. 6) that the band, which paved the way for acts like Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, has sent a bill in the devilish amount of $666,000 to the Pentagon after learning that its music is being used as a form of torture during interrogations at Guantanamo Bay.

“We sent them an invoice for our musical services considering they had gone ahead and used our music without our knowledge and used it as an actual weapon against somebody,” Cevin Key, one of the band’s founding members, explained in an interview with CTV News.

“I wouldn’t want to be subjected to any overly loud music for six to 12 hours at a time without a break,” he continued, adding that the band members were “offended” that their music was being used to “inflict damage.”

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The band originally planned on using the invoice as an album cover, but that was before realizing that they had a case, due to their music being used without permission. They happened to learn about the interrogation tactics from a former Guantanamo Bay guard, who also happens to be a fan.

Though Key admitted that the group’s music could be a “terrible nightmare” for some listeners, he was quick to defend Skinny Puppy’s discography, which began in 1984 with the release of their debut EP, Back & Forth, calling it “a creative artistic endeavor that plays with dark writings and dark cinema.”

While waiting for a response from the Department of Defense, Skinny Puppy will be touring North America on their “Shapes For Arms” tour in support of its most recent full-length release, 2013′s Weapon. The trek wraps up at L.A.’s historic Mayan Theatre on March 5.

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