Just Say No to Deadmau5: New Vegas Club Sets Harsh (and Hilarious) DJ Rules

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(Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

(Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

By Scott T. Sterling

Doing some after-hours clubbing in Las Vegas, but want to avoid hip-hop, Lil Jon shout-outs and anything related to Deadmau5, Tiesto or Calvin Harris? Have we got the spot for you.

Earlier this week, sparkling new Vegas hotspot AFTER launched with a considerable bang when the venue’s strict rules for DJs playing after 3 a.m. were posted on the internet.

Among those rules include playing no trap or dubstep whatsoever (sorry, Skrillex), with Avicii, LMFAO and all incarnations of Swedish House Mafia (including music produced by any of the individual ex-members) among those on the “do not play” list.

Rising EDM star Martin Garrix (“Animals“) is also among the forbidden artists, although his entry is inexplicably augmented with the pointed insult of calling the 17-year-old DJ/producer a “douche.”

Getting beyond the banned music, aficionados of DJ culture will be happy to see that the club won’t allow less-than-stellar jocks to simply rest on technology, outlawing premixed sets (chastising those who use them as “lazy ass”) or features on such programs as Serato and Traktor that make mixing a much easier proposition.

Most DJs will approve of the “no music requests” stipulation, while audiences will appreciate the demand that jocks “not say a f**king word on the microphone.” Other requests are more along the lines of common sense, such as not placing beverages near delicate electronic equipment.

The final caveat after laying out how DJs should conduct themselves is a simple “have fun.”

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In case any renegade DJ wants to buck the system and break any of the aforementioned rules, they’ll want to think twice, as the club lets it be known in no uncertain terms that doing so will result in the jock not only being escorted from the DJ booth, but that they’ll also be forfeiting any pay for the performance.

“Yes, they are real (with a sense of dry humor of course),” the club’s marketing director told White Water Rafting of the rules, written by AFTER’s Managing Partner, Thom Svast, “and they will be posted in our DJ booth, starting with our grand opening,” which was held on Feb. 1.

“People in Las Vegas and coming to Las Vegas pay more to see a DJ than they do to see a live concert,” Svast told Do Androids Dance regarding his after-hours DJ rules. “So I find it absolutely appalling when these guys, or girls for that matter, go up there and play pre-mixed sets. It’s offensive to the consumer and unfortunately most people are ignorant to whats actually going on on stage. These guys twist knobs and make heart symbols with their hands and people think they’re earning their keep.”

(Courtesy of AFTER)(Courtesy of AFTER)

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