Watch Arcade Fire Go All Imagine Dragons on Live Takes of ‘Normal Person’ & ‘My Body Is a Cage’

By Shannon Carlin

While on tour Down Under, Arcade Fire treated their Aussie fans to a few stripped down versions of their songs “Normal Person” and “Joan of Arc” off their latest album Reflektor, along with “My Body is a Cage,” off their  record, Neon Bible.

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With very large drums in tow—their nod to Imagine Dragons as Win Butler joked—the band performed live at the Triple J Radio studios, showing off their newly expanded drum section, who settled in behind the conga drums for “Normal Person. And got a little help from Régine Chassagne.

Win Butler even had a little fun with all the Australian listeners, letting them know “You’re beautiful. A little bit sunburned but beautiful.”

For “My Body is a Cage” the band brought out a whole kitchen sink’s worth of percussion for a haunting choral performance of the track off their second album.

While there Win and Will Butler spoke about working with Spike Jonze on his latest movie, Her, which earned the guys an Oscar nomination for Best Score. Win said they did it in parallel to working on Reflektor and that the songs “Milk & Honey” and “Dimensions” on the soundtrack are actually lost Arcade Fire songs.

“I’m really proud of it,” Win said. “It was really good for our band, even though it was very stressful at the time.”

The band also noted that they would like to give fans a chance to own extended versions of the music they recorded for the soundtrack, but aren’t sure when.

“We’re just slow as a band,” Win joked, but added, “The music will get out there, it’s just a question if we want to sell it to people, give it people or record other songs.”

Go here to check out the rest of Win and Will’s interview and the band’s performance of “Joan of Arc.” 


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