Noel Gallagher Looks Back in Anger at Old Oasis Videos

By Scott T. Sterling

Love or loathe him, it’s hard to deny that Oasis/High Flying Birds guitarist Noel Gallagher is one of rock’s most consistently entertaining and genuinely hilarious characters (his summation of 2013 was a highlight even for those suffering from year-end list fatigue).

Gallagher is at it again, this time taking shots at the videography of his legendary band while providing a profanity-packed commentary for the 2010 Oasis box set, Time Flies. Industrious YouTube user “nutsngum2” combed through the video commentary reel to create a 10-minute supercut for the ages.

Gallagher takes shots at his own apparel (“why was I dressed like that? I look like…Columbo“), his brother Liam‘s high-pitched vocals on early single “Live Forever” (“Yeah, matey boy soon gave up singing the falsetto bit after that. I think he thought he was a bit gay, though there’s nothing wrong with being gay, obviously”) and the director of the “Live Forever” video, Carlos Grasso (“It seems like this guy was making it up as he was f***ing going along”).

Throughout the clip, Gallagher makes his disdain for the whole music video process very clear (“I hate videos at the best of times”), and seems genuinely perplexed and occasionally angered by their content. It’s ten full minutes of classic off-the cuff Noel Gallagher at his most candid.



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