Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones Starts New Band, Minibus Pimps

By Scott T. Sterling

The surviving members of Led Zeppelin stay as busy (and relevant) as they want to be. While the band’s legion of fans are always hoping for just one more tour out of Zep, they’ve gone on to find success on their own individual terms, including Robert Plant‘s collaborations with Alison Krauss, and bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones joining Them Crooked Vultures alongside Foo Fighter Dave Grohl and Queen of the Stone Age leader Josh Homme.

Now John Paul Jones has teamed up with “dark ambient” artist Deathprod (aka, Norwegian artist Helge Sten) to form a new band, Minibus Pimps. So yeah, don’t expect it to sound like “Stairway to Heaven.”

According to Fact, Minibus Pimps have already recorded a debut album, Cloud to Ground, which is described on the band’s Facebook account as “a new and unique collaboration” that finds the duo “using electronics, samplers, processors, instruments and iPads” to make “instrumental improvisations that will at times be ferocious and at others intricate.”

Rock Cellar (which also reports that the Minibus Pimps’ debut is set for a March 3 release) dug up some video footage of John Paul Jones playing with experimental group Supersilent, which also features Helge Sten as a member.

Led Zeppelin’s revered guitarist Jimmy Page, who just turned 70, is reportedly hard at work on a series of reissues of the band’s classic album catalog, divulging on his official website that remastered versions of the bands first three albums (Led Zeppelin I-III) will hit retailers (complete with “extra music“) before the end of 2014 (originally expected in 2013).

Zeppelin in 2012 (Getty Images)Zeppelin in 2012 (Getty Images)


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