Watch Daft Punk’s Video for ‘Instant Crush’ Featuring Julian Casablancas

As soon as they take the soldier mannequin out of the box and unveil the comely lass just across from him, you know where this is going. But stick around and watch Daft Punk‘s new video for ‘Instant Crush’ which features not only the delicately Auto-Toned voice of Strokes singer Julian Casablancas, but his visage on the military dummy. Never before has a member of the armed forces had such bedroom eyes. Check out the (mostly) inanimate love story above.

Daft Punk  previously released the disco throwback video for “Lose Yourself To Dance”, and have still yet to announce any kind of tour for their chart-topping, and most successful album to date, Random Access MemoriesMaybe they’re, ahem, playing it safe.

(Courtesy of Columbia Records)

(Courtesy of Columbia Records)

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