Kanye West Wants To Be the ‘Obama of Clothing’

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(Courtesy of V103/Atlanta)

(Courtesy of V103/Atlanta)

By Shannon Carlin

Yesterday (Dec. 3), Kanye West stopped by Atlanta’s V-103 (a station) to talk about his recent fashion exploits, stating that he wanted to be the “Obama of clothing.”

Kanye also talked about working with Louis Vuitton, noting that their decision to not let him, the Louis Vuitton Don, work in their factory, just set him back. “I couldn’t get better,” he said, noting that even his rap game improved with practice. “Think about the way I rap on College Dropout versus the way I rap on Watch the Throne.

He plans to get back to those factories soon though, proclaiming, “I want to be the first black person to go and design for Louis Vuitton consistently.”

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Kanye also said that he’s got a lot of ideas, including designs for women’s clothing. While some might laugh the idea of him designing women’s shoes, he says it’s all part of his plan. “I foiled everybody,” he said. “I’m an artist. I was one of the top artists out of Chicago.”

During the interview, Kanye also called out W Magazinewho he says tried to make a mockery of him earlier this year for trying to “learn out loud.”

“They don’t want a n**** to open up his mind and start looking at all these other places,” he said. “As long as we’re controlled by the idea of just having a nice car, a Louis Vuitton bag for Christmas we won’t ever sniff out and want that factory over there or ever empower ourselves.”

Kanye says that him and his fiancee Kim Kardashian aren’t the richest couple in the world, but they are more relevant than any corporation.

“The [biggest corporation's] amount of money can only equal the amount of relevancy that me and Kim have,” he said. “I might not be a billionaire, but I’m a trillionaire in relevancy.”

The rapper said that he’s going to use his power to help him succeed in the fashion industry, even though it seems no one else wants him to. “Obama couldn’t have won without the black vote. I am going to use the power that we have to break through, to push those barriers that Michael [Jackson] had to break,” he explained.

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Kanye admits he owes his career to the King of Pop, but doesn’t want to follow in Jackson’s footsteps. ‘Ye says Jackson wasn’t able to relax throughout his lifetime, something Kanye has no trouble doing.

“Jackson didn’t get to lay down with Kim Kardashian every night,” Kanye explained. “He had to take whatever that was to relax. I be relaxed. I be happy.”

Kanye’s also helping other people stay happy, noting that his designs for Louis Vuitton and Nike have led to many one night stands.

“You can trust that ‘Ye make sure we’re getting p**** tonight,” Kanye joked about his Nike Air Yeezy. “Yeezy’s definitely got some people some p****. Don’t tell me it wasn’t a conversation starter.”

Later in the interview, Kanye aired his grievances with Nike over their decision to not let him earn the royalties off his Yeezy designs. He says they wouldn’t commit to him because he wasn’t an NBA star. “Paparazzi is my form of NBA,” Kanye explained. “Every time I step out of that building it’s a new game for me. My court is that street.”

He added that Nike should have realized that he is the “Steve Jobs of culture” and that he isn’t interested in their Swoosh logo. He just wants to create more ideas for the black community.

“Ya’ll need to realize for half a second, in this lifetime when you’re dealing with me…any situation I get in, I can make it better,” he said. “I can make it doper.”

Kanye said that he not looking to disrespect Nike, but moving to Adidas will allow him to earn royalties from his ideas. Kanye then touched on a statement he made last week about wanting to feed his family, making it clear what he really wanted to do: “I want to feed my family well.”

Head to V-103′s site to watch the complete interview with Kanye.

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