Eric Church’s Latest Cryptic Video Features Taylor Swift

'The Outsiders fought the good fight, now it's time to shed a light on everything the masses need.'
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Eric Church The Outsiders album cover

(Courtesy EMI Records Nashville)

By Annie Reuter

Eric Church appears to have at least one thing in common with Garth Brooks: they both love a good mystery. While Brooks had been deliberately cryptic when announcing his CBS concert special as well as the release of his new box set, Church has been taking a similar tactic regarding news about his upcoming album The Outsiders. Since first hinting at the album back in October, he’s released a series of mysterious videos that appear to drop clues about upcoming events and possible song titles, and even share snippets of melodies.

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Today (Dec. 3) he unveiled his latest, a short clip that features a ‘surprise guest,’ Taylor Swift. (Update: the video has since been relisted as “private,” though previous teaser videos are still available to watch.)

Titled “One Will Rise and One Will Fall,” the video includes footage from a recent Church performance before shifting gears to show Swift speaking during an unnamed awards ceremony. The clip includes a snippet of her acceptance speech, where she describes first learning of her touring opportunity with Rascal Flatts.

“I remember when I was 16 and I got the first phone call from Scott Borchetta, my label president,” Swift recounts in the video. “He said, ‘Can you be on the road in two days to open up for Rascal Flatts?’ And I just started screaming. I said, ‘This has to be a miracle!’ He said, ‘No it’s not a miracle. Eric Church got fired for playing too long.’”

Those last few words from Swift (“Eric Church got fired for playing too long”) are then repeated over and over again, while in the foreground, someone is seen writing in black on newspaper, “One will rise and one will fall” — and then erasing the “one will fall” portion. A finger then points to a piece of paper that bears the words “The Good Fight.”

While fans wonder what this is all about, the video description simply states: “The Outsiders fought the good fight, now it’s time to shed a light on everything the masses need. Give it till the New Year.”

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A similar message also appears on Church’s website. “Every Outsider lives to fight the good fight,” it reads. “We do it for the shock factor, we do it to express ourselves, it’s who we are. We’re the bad news, and if we don’t rebel, we conform. Now these past few months have been fun, so let’s talk about some New Year’s resolutions. Since a new album is due February 11, 2014, Eric will give the masses what they need, not what they want in 2014.”

So while Church has previously confirmed that his new album is coming in February, these messages and this new video  hint that something else may drop even earlier. Follow Church’s Twitter account for more clues.

Eric Church The Outsiders album cover
(Courtesy EMI Records Nashville)

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