Watch Miley Cyrus Get Her Flirt On With In ‘Feeling Myself’ Video

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

If there’s one thing you’ll learn from‘s new single, “Feeling Myself” it’s that he’s feeling pretty good about himself. it’s no surprise that the song’s video would feature the Black Eyed Pea bragging about his ride, his Givenchy duds and his diamonds alongside his friends Wiz KhalifaFrench Montana and Miley Cyrus. Watch the clip below.

Yes, this is the song where Miley shows off her mic skills to talk about poppin’ molly and getting on the floor to twerk. For this video though, will, ever the science enthusiast, steps into a virtual reality where Miley can’t seem to keep her hands off of him.

“Feeling Myself” is featured on the re-release of’s album, #willpower, out December 9.

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