Kanye West Claims Kardashians & Drake Change the World for the Better

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(Courtesy of Def Jam)

(Courtesy of Def Jam)

By Shannon Carlin

In an interview today (Nov. 25) with Washington, D.C.’s 95.5 WPGC (a station), Kanye West discussed how the Kardashians are expanding the definition of family and how Drake is changing the hip-hop game by not using the b-word.

The conversation started with Kanye responding to recent comments he had made in a recent interview about President Obama. In that interview, Kanye said Obama calling him a jackass represented “how the world felt” at the time, but also said, “I don’t care if somebody’s the President or not. I care about thoughts and how you helpin’ people and what you bring to the world. My music brings joy to people. What I create brings joy to people. And I’m about people.”

While in Obama’s town, though, Kanye took an even more lighthearted approach: “[Barack and I] could go to dinner. It’s all good. At the end of the day, even for the President, it’s for entertainment value. If he’s talking about my girl or he’s talking about me, he’s just trying to lighten the mood up, to show that he’s personable and he knows what’s going on in pop culture. The up or the down, the yes or the no, Kanye West goes back and forth. If nobody’s liking Kanye West, he can say, ‘Oh, he’s a jackass,’ cause maybe another person in that room is like, ‘Yeah he’s a jackass. Cool whatever, let’s get this bill passed.’ His focus is the bill, not supporting my mission, my message. I understand that. I support anything Obama is trying to do. I support their family. I support any family.”

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Kanye then pointed out that The Cosby Show was a big reason why people were able to accept the idea of a middle class black family being the most powerful family in the United States. Kanye also noted that his soon-to-be in laws, The Kardashians, don’t get enough credit for helping America accept interracial relationships. He says no one cares what he does, but his relationship with Kim gives people a point of reference that love knows no color barriers.

“I can date a white woman, I can date a black woman, and no matter what they say in the barber shop don’t matter, because I don’t get my haircut there,” he said with a laugh. “For the people that do, though, there’s a white woman that’s getting talked down to by her friends because she’s dating a black guy. Now you’ve got a point of reference, you can say, ‘Well, actually this couple right here, that’s dope.’”

Kanye also notes that people have a problem with things that are different, so as an innovator he needs to take the power out of things like interracial dating and show the world that it’s OK.

“I almost like doing bad ideas. I only like doing things people people won’t do. They’re less cliche,” he said. “I can show you how you can take the power out of anything. and how you can add power to anything. Like I can take the power out of the n-word. We can take the power out of the Confederate flag.”

Kanye then commended Drake for taking the power out of the word b****. “He came and said, ‘Wait a second, we’re not just going to be like droppin’ the b-word all day long because it does impact our women and take away from the idea of family,” Yeezy explained.

In hip-hop, says ‘Ye, it’s all about portraying women in the club wearing tight dresses and men who need to have them. He says there’s no focus on real love or family in rap songs, instead it’s all about how many girls they’re going to take home with them at the end of the night. The genre needs to start respecting women and in his opinion, Drake is the first rapper to actually do that.

“I was the first rapper to come up and say, ‘Let’s stop hip-hop homophobia’ and Drake is the first rapper to say, ‘Hey let’s start respecting the women more,’” Kanye said. “So when we talk about words and the powers that they have and symbolism and everything…I’m going to lean more to the side of thinking that and it’s not because you know, I have a daughter, that would be an obvious thing, “Oh I got a daughter, now I’m getting responsible.’”

Head to the WPGC site to watch video of the full interview with Kanye, who also discusses Willy Wonka, how Dr. Dre influenced the Yeezus Tour, and why he probably won’t work with Nike anytime soon.

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