Watch The Black Keys Compete for a Chance to Inspect Stephen Colbert’s Prostate

The Black Keys may be off working on their follow-up to 2011’s El Camino, but last night (Nov. 14) they took some time away from the studio to help Stephen Colbert make sure his prostate is healthy. Colbert’s gotten pretty cozy with musicians in the past (including the Keys and Jack White on several occasions), but this is next level stuff.

In honor of November sweeps — and to out-do the recent Today Show stunt — Colbert decided he should have an on-air prostate exam. But before dropping trou, he held a reality show-style competition to pick which celebrity would get to perform it.

Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys were up against some pretty stiff competition in Katie Couric and John Lithgow, but they did do a pretty good job of explaining why they would be the best choice.

“A smooth prostate the size of a walnut, that’s music to our ears,” Auerbach said with a smile.

Later, he showed off his comforting bedside manner, “Stephen, tonight I want you to think of us as the Brown Keys.”

Tighten up, indeed.

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