Lady Gaga Debuts ‘Gypsy’ in Berlin, Previews ‘Venus’

Busy promoting ARTPOP in Germany, Lady Gaga debuted new song “Gypsy” at Berlin’s Berghain club yesterday (October 24) during a TV event. And she wore a handlebar mustache while doing so.

“So I wrote this song while I was traveling around the world,” she said before playing the stripped-down piano ballad (above). “They said that a gypsy doesn’t have a home but I do have a home. I have a home with you always.”

She added: “This is my first performance of this record. This is very special to me. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

“Sometimes a story has no end/ Sometimes I think that we could just be friends/ Cause I’m a wandering man, he said to me,” she sings at the track’s start.

As she announced on Twitter earlier this week, Gaga will be debuting a new song in every territory I travel to over the next 3 weeks! An exclusive for each country!”

So while she’s busy dropping international ARTPOP goodies, she’s also turning heads with her new costuming. During her Germany trip alone, she wore a ginormous bird-like hat that masked her face completely, dressed from head to toe in tutu material, and donned a mustache and suspenders.

But, she stripped away the elaborate costuming for her new (and very NSFW) “Venus” photos, which she showed off on Twitter along with a preview of the track. “Venus” features Mother Monster as we know her best — getting her dance on.

Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP drops November 11.

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