Plain White T’s Make Like ‘The Giving Tree’ in New Music Video

UPDATE (Oct. 23, 3:04 p.m.): The band has removed the video from YouTube.

Multi-platinum Chicago pop-rock outfit Plain White T’s have revealed the environmentally-minded music video for gentle acoustic ballad “The Giving Tree,” found on the band’s most recent EP, Should’ve Gone to Bed. The song is also slated to appear on the group’s upcoming seventh studio album, American Nights, due for release early next year.

In the clip which covers the dissolution of a longtime love relationship, singer/guitarist Tim Lopez takes on the song’s titular role, actually becoming “The Giving Tree,” thanks to extensive make-up that allows him to blend in with an actual tree. Lopez takes the part even further, portraying various items made from trees, including the hull of a boat and a wall situated inside a bar.

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“The production, a lot of the songs we write tend to be acoustic based,” said the band’s frontman, Tom Higgenson in a recent interview with “it’s just a matter of, do we want to build them up to be full band things or do they work in just the intimate, acoustic and a vocal. A song like ‘The Giving Tree’ that Tim wrote,  it just felt so good with this finger picking thing. It felt like that’s how the song should stay.”

“Sometimes adding to a song like that takes away. What you really want to do is suck the listener in to only hear the story and the vocal,” Lopez chimed in. “You keep piling stuff on it and it starts to deteriorate the song. Tracks like that we leave small.”

While fans wait for more details on the forthcoming American Nights full-length (including a firm release date), they’ll be able to catch the band on a co-headling tour with the group Parachute. The U.S. jaunt kicks off on November 5 in Wilmington, DE, wrapping up on November 23 in Portland, ME.  Plain White T’s is also scheduled to perform with the Backstreet Boys on December 17 at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL.

(Courtesy of Hollywood Records)

(Courtesy of Hollywood Records)

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