Is Eric Church Ready to Reveal New Music?

“It’s time for us to show everyone just who we are.”

Those words come from Eric Church, who unveiled a new teaser video yesterday (October 16) to his fan club, dubbed the Church Choir. The notice was posted on his website along with a message that “something big is coming.”

He dropped a second cryptic message on his Twitter account, with a menacing message: “When it hits the fan, and it all goes down, the gloves WILL COME OFF!”

So what exactly is Church teasing? Good question, and the answer is deliberately unclear. Though judging from the messaging, and what we hear in the video, it’s a good bet he’s finally ready to unveil some new music.

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The date Church mentions in the post on his website is October 22, which could mean a new single — or at the very least, news about his long-awaited next album. His platinum-selling Chief came out more than two years ago, so fans have been chomping at the bit to hear something new. Church has been pretty tight-lipped about any of the material or what it will sound like, though he has dropped a few hints.

For instance, when spoke with Church at Lollapalooza this summer, he didn’t offer much about what he was working on, only to say it won’t sound like Chief.

“It’s different,” he said with a giant grin. “And I don’t know how people are going to judge it, that’s up to the people to decide, but no, it’s different.”

And judging from what we hear in the teaser video, the “different” sound he’s going for is full-on, amped-up rock ‘n’ roll.

The video shows Church and crew stepping through dust and climbing stairs as well as walls at what appears to be an abandoned prison. The music starts off low key in the background, but after images showing a big metal door opening and a sledgehammer hitting a stone wall,  the music turns dark and heavy. Big beats and thundering guitars dominate the sound, punctuated by voices chanting “Who we are” and “how we roll.”

The “who we are” line is repeated in the message on Church’s website. Here’s what he wrote in full:

This piece from Eric is given to you first Church Choir. Something big is coming… It’s time for us to show everyone just who we are. Share this video everywhere you can and when it hits the fanand everyone’s aware, that’s when Eric will reveal what’s to come.

October 22, 2013

Likely as not, what we’re going to hear on October 22 is a new single. Some have already speculated on the title, though details have not yet been confirmed.

And as for an album, based on what he told, that will hopefully come sometime in 2014. “There will not be a record this year,” Church said, “not going to happen. But…hope there’s one next year.”

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