Inside Out: Reality Singing Show Outsiders

Do you have what it takes to be The Voice? Are you an American Idol? Do you have that certain X Factor? Or, looking at it another way, when you saw Susan Boyle on for the first time, were you wowed by her voice or thrown by her look?

In this episode of Inside Out, we explore the outsiders of reality singing shows: from Adam Lambert on American Idol to Beverly McClellan on The Voice to “burrito slinger” Josh Krajcik on X Factor. Sometimes they’re regular people, just like you but with a really big well of talent. Sometimes they’re charismatic stars who just aren’t quite like the rest of the reality show contestants. And sometimes they’re the butt of the joke (“She Bangs” has never quite sounded the same in a post-William Hung world).

We talked to X Factor judge Kelly Rowland, American Idol runners-up Lauren Alaina and Jessica Sanchez, Voice contestant Vicci Martinez, X Factor runner-up Josh Krajcik, and Rolling Stone’s American Idol correspondent Melissa Locker to get an inside look at what makes unconventional contestants perennial fan favorites.

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