Listen to Jason Derulo & Jordin Spark’s Sultry Duet ‘Vertigo’

(John Ricard/Getty Images)

(John Ricard/Getty Images)

Just days before his album Tattoos drops, Jason Derulo gives fans a preview of “Vertigo,” featuring girlfriend Jordin Sparks. In an interview with, Derulo filled us in on the story behind the song.

A track he dubs as being a “very sexy song,” he said it took a while for him and Sparks to merge their work styles in the studio.

“It was a lot of fun actually. In the beginning when we started to work together it wasn’t as fun, it wasn’t as easy,” he admitted. “We had to try to find each other’s pallet and we finally found it. ‘Vertigo’ is one of the products of the happier studio sessions. It’s very stripped down and piano based so you can hear every emotion. You can almost see the story in your head.”

The slow ballad features Derulo’s smooth vocals alongside piano accompaniment before Sparks enters on the chorus.

“The way that you please me/ Sets this room on fire/ I’m burning with desire in this bed/ So if I’m dreaming please don’t wake me up,” Sparks sings. Listen below.

The music video for “Marry Me,” Derulo’s follow-up single to “The Other Side” will be released on Monday (September 23). His album, Tattoos drops on September 24.

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