Watch Avicii Go Roller Skating in Video for ‘You Make Me’

Avicii surprised (and turned off) a great number of people with “Wake Me Up!,” the country-tinged first single from debut album #TRUE (out today, Sept. 17). For his second act, the dance superstar gets back to basics with “You Make Me,” for which the new video also dropped today.

Roller-skating aficionados, rejoice. The “You Make Me” video finds Mercedes, a waitress at the local skating rink, getting eyed by the high-rolling Henry. That would be cool and all, if it weren’t for Mercedes’ jealous ex-lover, Chang.

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What follows is a combo of dance and fighting moves between the two men, with comic book-esque flare that recalls Scott Pilgrim vs. the World — down to the onomatopoeic words that flash across the screen when someone gets punched in the face.

How do things end? Does Henry get the girl and ride off in the sunset, Mercedes by his side, as they roller skate behind a car like one might water ski? Or will Chang win out in the end? We’ll give you one guess.

“You Make Me,” the electronic-infused second single off #TRUE features Swedish pop artist Salem Al Fakir as the lead vocalist.

-Kevin Rutherford,


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