Style Files: Alicia Keys Unveils New Reebok Classics Collection

New York’s own Alicia Keys has released her latest collection for Reebok¬†Classic: a line of hidden wedge sneakers.

“These sneakers are like lifestyle sneakers,” Keys said in a behind the scenes video shot by Reebok. “They’re all about how you transform rocking on the street to whatever it is that you might be doing later in the evening. For me it might be going on the stage or going to a party. Whatever the case, it’s lifestyle. So you see me in different stress-free moments. Regular, everyday moments in the life.”

The looks range from classic black leather with white soles to a Timberland-esque color scheme to off-white with a huge dark pink accent.

“My first sneakers were very colorful,” Keys recalled in a video shot by Reebok detailing her design inspiration. “I loved them. I remember summer. I remember being outside in the park. I remember my hair being pulled back in the tightest ponytail I could possibly pull it back into…Now that I have come 100% into my womanhood, I really love merging [the male and female design] worlds a lot.”

This is Keys’ second design collaboration with the Reebok Classics brand, following their first launch in September of 2012. In a November 2012 financials speech, the Adidas Group, who own Reebok and their Classics line, credit Keys’ 2012 line with helping to improve sales of Reebok Classics by double digits in the final two quarters of that year. So, undoubtedly there is more Alicia Keys + Reebok Classics to come.

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