Watch Lil Wayne Talk Retirement, Jail & Seizures With Katie Couric

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Lil Wayne, just like Kanye West before him, has chosen to use the mid-afternoon talk show circuit to reveal his softer side.

Yesterday (September 10), Wayne sat down with Katie Couric on her show Katie to talk about being a father, his time in jail, his seizure scare and his inevitable retirement.

This isn’t the first time Wayne has decided to get real with Katie. In 2009–while she was still the lead anchor on the CBS Evening News–Wayne flaunted his OG status: “I’m a gangster Miss Katie…I don’t take nothing from no one, I do what I want to do and i’m going to do that until the day I die. And if I can’t do that, then I’ll just die.” Wayne even joked with the host about the infamous line.

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But this time around, Wayne seemed a bit more lucid and less interested in playing tough. He revealed that his seizures earlier this year were due to “dehydration, working too much, lack of sleep.” He also revealed that he is “sort of epileptic,” and that he probably has been since he was a child recalling a story where he fainted on the playground.

Couric asked whether Syrup–Wayne’s barbiturate of choice, which is cough syrup mixed with soda–caused the seizure, to which Wayne replied, “I asked my Doctor…’I haven’t been drinking near as where you’d be catching seizures from it’… He asked, ‘What else have you been doing?’ And I had been taking pain pills, and what he found was that those pain pills consist of Codeine as well. So the lack of drinking Codeine the way I used to, this was a reaction to stopping the drug.”

Wayne does not do syrup anymore saying it was his mom who stopped him. “I was doing too much, the doctor kind of told me, ‘We can’t tell you what to do, but I suggest your mom tell you to stop,'” Wayne said.

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The 30-year-old rapper told Katie–after showing off photos of his 4 kids–that he will be ready to retire by the age of 35. When asked how he he knew he could stop in five years he said, “I’m so ready to retire now.”

Wayne also spoke with Katie about his eight months in prison saying his fellow inmates weren’t that impressed by his celebrity.

“It’s jail, so you know, for the first 20-30 seconds, ‘That’s really him,'” Wayne explained about his inmates initial reaction.”The reality that you’re in jail then kicks in.”

Wayne also talked about how his hometown of New Orleans has changed since he was growing up, telling a story about how his mom pulled him out of school after she saw him put a gun in his backpack. Fun fact: Wayne was actually an Honors student. Who knew?

“When I go back to New Orleans, I see kids that probably was looking for guns…I see them on skateboards now,” Wayne said, before agreeing with Katie that skateboarding is his new drug of choice.

Watch the clip below to see Wayne talk about his time in jail, but stick around for his reaction to Katie’s tricked out mini-van. It’s truly priceless.

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