Watch Queens Of The Stone Age Cover Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?’

“Why’d you only ever phone me when you’re high?” It’s a reasonable question that the Arctic Monkeys ask on the debut single from their new album, AM (out now). But when Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age asks it, well, it’s a bit more sinister sounding.

On BBC Radio One Live Lounge, QOTSA covered the Arctic Monkey’s “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?” turning it into a bluesy fingerpicking lament to making bad decisions.

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Homme, wearing his sunglasses the whole time, perfectly throws off lines like, “Now it’s three in the morning/And I’m trying to change your mind/ Left you multiple missed calls/And to my message you reply/Why’d you only call me when you’re high?” With a well-placed laugh, it’s clear Homme probably isn’t going to stop making those late night calls anytime soon.

QOTSA taking on an Arctic Monkeys track isn’t that farfetched, especially being that the Monkeys frontman Alex Turner makes a cameo on the band’s recent album, …Like Clockwork.

In an interview with, Homme talked about working with Turner, along with other artists like Trent Reznor, the band’s former bassist Nick Oliver, and Elton John, who all appear on …Like Clockwork, explaining that to him they’re not well-known musicians, but friends.

“It dawned on me after we did the first interview [for the new album], people were so kind of like entranced by the marquee value of all these [guest artists],” Homme explained. “I didn’t think about that, you know? We forget that for you it’s Dave Grohl, Nick Oliveri, Alex Turner, but for us it’s just Dave, Nick and Alex.”

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