Watch M.I.A. Get Animated in Her Lyric Video for ‘Come Walk With Me’

M.I.A. shows her spiritual side in the lyric video for her new single, “Come Walk With Me.”

The BRIGHT, animated clip features a number of Hindu gods and goddesses, but this video isn’t perfectly Zen. In it we see a half man, half lion god–perhaps the Hindu deity Narasimha, who either killed or drove those who didn’t worship him as a god out of his country–ripping a man open. Another larger than life god is also seen stomping another man down with his giant foot.

M.I.A. even gets a little mischievous in the video, appearing as a deity who looks on smiling as things happen around her.

“Come Walk With Me” is off the singer’s upcoming fourth album, Matangi, which after some forceful pushing from M.I.A. (she threatened to leak it) is coming out November 5.

The singer recently told Billboard that her new record is a comeback of sorts after her last album, 2010’s Maya (stylized as /\/\ /\ Y /\ I) was not well-received, especially in comparison to her previous two releases, 2005’s Arular and 2007’s Kala.

Matangi is the answer to why Arular and Kala existed and /\/\ /\ Y /\ was resisted,” she said. “It’s been a long journey to nirvana…. I am peaced, not pissed.”

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