The Mars Volta Release 15 Unheard B-Sides Probably Not Recorded With David Guetta In Ibiza

(Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

(Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Originally borne from the ashes of Texas post-hardcore heroes At the Drive-In, prog-rock outfit The Mars Volta shocked the music world when singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala unexpectedly announced the band’s break-up via Twitter in January of this year.

While The Mars Volta has splintered into two new bands — Bosnian Rainbows and Zavalaz, the group’s legions of diehard fans are celebrating the release of 15 previously unheard tracks, which according to Spin were recorded with a most unlikely ally: EDM superstar David Guetta.

The tracks appeared on the Comatorium, a fan site for The Mars Volta. They were posted by site member ShaREEB, who says he received the songs from a random user who asked that he share them online.

While excited fans quickly began downloading and analyzing the trove of unearthed TMV tunes, Bixler-Zavala again took to Twitter to allegedly explain the music’s surprising origins.

Before the band’s fans wonder how these customarily complex mostly instrumental prog-rock exercises from TMV could be the result of a session with Guetta, a quick Google search reveals that there is no such club as RAMROD in Ibiza, not to mention this dubious tweet sent by Bixler-Zavala to the seasoned DJ earlier today (August 16).

Give the new tunes a spin and decide for yourself. They can be downloaded for free right here via Mediafire.

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