The Avett Brothers Premiere New Song ‘Another Is Waiting’

(Courtesy of Republic Records)

(Courtesy of Republic Records)

The Avett Brothers didn’t leave fans waiting too long for new music. Less than a year after the release of their 7th album, The Carpenter, the band already has a new song.

The track, “Another Is Waiting,” which can be heard exclusively on NPR, picks up where their last record left off: plenty of banjo strumming and sweet words about learning to love.

Back in June after headlining Governors Ball, the band revealed exclusively to that their new album, Magpie and the Dandelion (out October 15), was originally intended to be the second installment of The Carpenter.

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“We initially thought of this as part two…but we realize it’s its own thing,” Scott Avett said. “It’s a very interesting occurrence we didn’t intend. It’s a nice surprise.”

The record, produced by Rick Rubin, who worked on their last two albums, won’t only include songs from The Carpenter sessions, but songs that have been kicking around for a while now.

“Some of them are in the works for years — seven, eight years. Others, a year ago. It was all very different,” he said. “We have a lot of places where songs are hiding within our homes, in our bus, in our bags, in our pockets they just end up here [points to his head]. They’re everywhere and we never know when they’ll come out of the shadows.”

In a letter from the band, they explain how the album’s title reflects the music, writing, “If you think about a Magpie, it’s a bird from the crow family. You can see them everywhere, and they’ve got this strange grace. And, we all know what a dandelion is. It reminds you of being a kid and watching a flower come apart on a summer day. There’s a youthful wonder in that. Those kinds of feelings live and breathe inside this album.”

The guys will finish out their summer playing festivals both in the States and overseas before coming back this fall for their own North American tour, which kicks off September 13 in Bangor, Maine.

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