All Essentials: Robin Thicke Shares His Sex & Relationship Advice

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(Anthony Mandler/Interscope Records)

(Anthony Mandler/Interscope Records)

By Annie Reuter

Though he ruffled some feathers with his “Blurred Lines” controversy, Robin Thicke is smooth. Legitimately smooth. So when he stopped by HQ to discuss his new album, also titled Blurred Lines and out this week, we bent his ear on sex, romance, pick-up lines and real-deal, full-fledged, forever love.

He may write hits for the players, the sort of songs that have been termed “baby-making music” more than once, but he’s been with his wife, actress Paula Patton, since they were teenagers. So he had some heartfelt advice for us and the folks who tweeted in looking for answers.

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There’s one piece of love advice that surprised us, and it’s actually the one Thicke lives by: get your heart broken.

“You’ve got to pick one person that you’re OK with leaving and breaking your heart,” he advised. “That way you’ll give them everything you’ve got. If you protect your heart, then you can’t be a great lover or a great husband or wife because you’re still holding onto, ‘Well, I don’t want to give you everything because you might leave or you might hurt me.'”

If you have yet to find that person to break your heart, Thicke has a few suggestions on how you can find that special someone.

“There’s only one pickup line that never fails and that’s, ‘Hi, I’m Robin. What’s your name?’ Always say your name, it’s nice to meet you,” he said. “Find something on the person that you like that compliments them that’s not her boobs or her butt. Normally that’s the right place to start.”

As for picking up musicians specifically, Thicke’s got two simple pieces of advice.

“Just be kind and be funny,” he revealed. “It’s hard because people get nervous around people they really like or respect. I think the most important thing is just be nice and be funny and don’t try to challenge people. Somebody will just go, ‘I don’t really want to talk to you, you’re too challenging too soon.’ It’s like a bad first date.”

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He promises nothing with regards to his advice, but above all, Thicke pleads not to give up on love.

“The one motto that has gotten me through my whole life is never give up,” he said. “I’m that way with love. Let’s give it every last drop of effort we have before we say goodbye.”

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