Thirty Seconds To Mars Asks Fans To Get Tattoos Of Their Lyrics

The upside? You may be featured in a Thirty Seconds To Mars video! The downside? Well...

Thirty Seconds To Mars want you to be in their new video, but it’s going to cost you an arm or perhaps a leg.

Jared Leto and the guys put out a casting call for their new lyric video on Tuesday (July 23) asking fans to get the words from their song, “Do Or Die,” off their latest album LOVE, LUST, FAITH + DREAMS, tattooed somewhere on their body. Lyrics like, “I don’t want to live a lie that I believe” or “Under the banner of heaven/ We dream out loud” or “I will never forget the moment, the moment.”

But getting the tattoo is just one step in a fan’s quest to make an appearance in Thirty Seconds’ new video. To be considered you must follow a few guidelines, which include making sure you used the highest resolution camera possible and that the footage is as still as it can be. They recommend you use a tripod.

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Fans are also required to say, “I am the Echelon” before the tattoo footage starts and tell the band why they’re getting the tattoo. We imagine, “To be in this lyric video,” is not the answer they’re looking for here.

All submissions are due by Monday, July 29.

While some fans went and visited their local tattoo artists the minute after they read the post, others are calling the band irresponsible for asking fans to deface themselves all to earn a spot in a music video.

One commenter wrote, “Kids considering getting marked forever because Jared told them so. I like the band but I don’t think this is a good idea at all.”

Another wrote, “Sure, [Thirty Seconds To Mars] didnt force anyone to get a tattoo, but they know exactly how to manipulate fans in doing something heavy to get noticed. I hope fans won’t join this s*** so that Mars realizes that they crossed a line.”

While it may seem a bit over the top, for some perspective, there is no shortage of Echelon tattoos on 30 Seconds To Mars fans already.

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