Calvin Harris Continues The Summer Of Naked Girls With ‘Thinking About You’

The summer of 2013 may be defined by the naked girls in music videos and the unstoppable cultural commentary that they caused.

First there was Robin Thicke with “Blurred Lines” and then Justin Timberlake with “Tunnel Vision.” Now Calvin Harris has entered the pantheon with his latest video, “Thinking About You.”

The distinction between Thicke & Timberlakes videos and the new one for Harris is simple: narrative.


Instead of using the women front and center (save the g-string shot in the opening few seconds of the clip), director Vincent Haycock punctuates the storyline of excesses gone amok in Harris’s video with the odd topless girl. So, still exploitative but less blatantly so.

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To advance the story lines, Haycock also throws in pirates, a fist fight, a private jet and a drug-fueled party set in a European castle. Haycock has helmed several of Harris other music videos, including “Sweet Nothing,” featuring Florence Welch.

Harris is presently No. 20 and rising on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for his track “I Need Your Love” with Ellie Goulding.

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