Nicki Minaj Pushes Mario Out A Window In ‘Somebody Else’ Video

Cheaters never win and in Mario’s latest music video, cheaters meet heaters. Car heaters, specifically — like the one Mario finds his rear end resting on when Nicki Minaj’s charater pushes him out of the unfinished window of a skyscraper (allegedly).

The push is never seen in the video, but all signs point to it being a revenge move. Minaj pulls some faces, wears all black (including a long black wig) and on a second watch of the clip it becomes clear that the opening sequence is actually capturing her turning away from the window she’s just shoved Mario out of.

“Somebody Else” is one of those rare tracks that doesn’t put Minaj’s guest rap right up front, instead holding her back to the last half of the song. That turns her into a secret weapon in the video, the bomb you spend duration of the clip waiting to go off.

The message is clear: Nicki Minaj doesn’t get left. And she can outshine Mario in his own video without saying a word.

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