The Killers Team Up With M83 On New Music

In a surprise announcement, drummer Ronnie Vannucci has revealed that the Killers have collaborated with M83 mastermind Anthony Gonzalez on a new song.

“Not just demos. Real recordings,” Vannucci told NME about the studio collaboration. “I mean, you never know what it’s gonna be, I guess. But we have our engineer, and we’re working with a couple of surprise guests, in the producer capacity. Some of it is sounding really cool. We can be guilty of making things so ornate, and sometimes that’s a bad thing. So I always have conversations with Brandon [Flowers, Killers frontman] about working from a smaller palate, simplifying things. If these new tracks develop a theme, a common thread, then that could be the start of something.”

The Killers are currently on tour in Europe, with a string of U.S. dates this summer including an appearance at Lollapalooza in Chicago (August 3) and LouFest in St. Louis (Sept. 8). The band is still supporting their most recent album, Battle Born, which came out in September of last year.

M83’s only tour date for the rest of 2013 is a special show at L.A.’s Hollywood Bowl on September 22, with the band accompanied by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

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