Justin Bieber’s Astronaut Dreams To Come True

When Justin Bieber tweets out a dream, that dream becomes a reality. Back in February, the singer sent out a seemingly random dispatch that he wanted to perform in outer space.

The team over at NASA picked up on it pretty quickly and offered to help.

And that was all the world heard about it until yesterday, when Virgin empire head, Sir Richard Branson, seemingly confirmed that it wasn’t NASA who’ll be sending the Biebs to space, but Virgin Galactic.

So will Bieber be performing a concert in space or just taking a rocket flight? He’s offered no further comment at this time, but his manager Scooter Braun confirmed Branson’s tweet.

In an interview last April with the Vancouver Sun, Bieber expressed an interest in going to outer space with some reluctance with regard to the cost. Branson’s Virgin Galactic is probably a little more affordable than NASA: their site claims to have over 500 bookings already and tickets are $250,000 each.

No launch date for the first Virgin Galactic flight has yet been set as the company are still researching and developing their passenger spacecrafts. So that Bieber concert in space might be awhile off.

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