Thomas Rhett Debuts New Song ‘Watching Drunk People Dance,’ Covers ‘1994’

During a show in Charlotte, N.C. this past Memorial Day, and tucked within a set that included such familiar Rhett singles as “Something To Do With My Hands,” “Beer with Jesus” and current single “It Goes Like This,” country artist¬†Thomas Rhett¬†surprised fans by debuting something entirely new.

The song was “Watching Drunk People Dance,” which Rhett said he wrote only a couple weeks ago and was playing live for the first time that night.

The lyrics tell a playful love story between a man and woman who spend time together on vacation watching drunk people dance and hope to spend the rest of their lives with these amusing, and special, moments. “All I wanna do,” Rhett sings, “is spend every Friday night for the rest of my life holding your hand in a bar with a band, hanging out watching drunk people dance.”


During the set, Rhett also pulled out a cover of Jason Aldean’s latest hit “1994,” though “cover” isn’t quite the right word since Rhett actually co-wrote the song (with Luke Laird and Barry Dean).

So, yes, Rhett is the guy responsible for that Joe Diffie chorus you can’t get out of your head (and the one that had Aldean falling “out of his chair laughing” the first time he heard it).


“It was one of those crazy things where we wrote it and demoed it, it was cut two weeks later and then it was on Jason’s record,” Rhett told The Boot earlier this year about the song. “I’m still soaking in the fact that Jason not only cut one of my songs but put it out as a single. It’s been a really cool experience.”

– Jodi Phillips, The New 103.7/Charlotte


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