Sara Bareilles Dances Like Nobody’s Watching In ‘Brave’ Video

Sara Bareilles is not afraid to show off her dance moves. In fact, for her new video “Brave,” she dances like nobody’s watching. But, of course, everyone is.

In the clip, directed by actress Rashida Jones, Bareilles takes to the streets to encourage those who need a little help speaking up. She even enlists a few other dancers who get their groove on at the bus stop, the library, the mall and the gym to spread her uplifting message.

All this spontaneous dancing gets the attention of innocent passersby, some of whom whip out their cameras to film the unusual events, while others decide to join in on the fun. The best example is the girl wearing a backpack who decides she also wants to dance in the library. (Watch at 3:33.)

It all ends with Bareilles’ feel-good dance army coming together for one final group number, letting everyone know they shouldn’t be afraid of anything. Even dancing in a very public place.

Watch the video for “Brave,” off Bareilles’ upcoming album, The Blessed Unrest (out July 16), below. Of course, the real question here is: What does George Takei think?

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