The Rules Of The Road — By Imagine Dragons

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(Reid Rolls/Interscope Records)

(Reid Rolls/Interscope Records)

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A key part of being in a rock band is going on the long tour — we’re talking one to two years long — in support of your albums. The guys in Imagine Dragons are no strangers to the road, having been back and forth across the world a few times over now, starting way before they released 2012’s Night Visions.

When you’ve been in cramped quarters with three other guys (plus a tour manager, band manager, publicist and a bus driver) for hundreds of days, you develop certain rules of road etiquette, just to make sure everyone makes it through the tour alive. And, if things really get rough, to stop the band from breaking up. sat down with Imagine Dragons backstage at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City, on a recent tour stop, and got them to spill their personal rules of the road.

“There is a very strict set of rules to road etiquette, I would say,” drummer Dan Platzman said as the band laughed. “How many are there? Four? Let’s go with four. There are four rules.”

And it turns out Imagine Dragons follow very simple rules:

1. Clean up after yourself
Subrule: A clean bus is a happy bus
2. No double dipping
3. Flush
4. Bathe at least once a week

Making flushing mandatory isn’t a gross-out factor — it’s a tour bus reality. A well-known peril of travel by tour bus is that sometimes, the tank doesn’t cooperate.

Once they arrive, the band may do more than just play their concert. The beauty of being on the road is seeing the world, and Imagine Dragons said their most surprising visit was to a city right here in the U.S.

“On the tour the city that most surprised us is Asheville, [North Carolina], for me,” said guitarist Wayne Sermon. “I had never spent any time there. I didn’t know anything about it. It surprisingly was a really hip city. A lot of cool things to do, a lot of cool places to eat, a lot of young people around. Sort of a hip vibe to it.”

“I got an awesome belt buckle,” chimed in bassist Ben McKee.

“And there’s a meadery there. You can drink mead, like Odysseus,” Platzman said.

And after all that mean, make sure to flush.

Imagine Dragons will play at KROQ’s Weenie Roast on May 18. A stream of the show will be available on Tune in to catch their set live from the comfort of your own couch.

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