Ray J Casts Kim Kardashian Lookalike In ‘I Hit It First’ Video

Ray J finally released the video for “I Hit It First,” the controversial song that makes a reference to his ex girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, with whom he made an infamous sex tape in 2007.

In the video, which premiered online Monday (April 29), Ray J aims his lens at a Kim Kardashian lookalike and makes reference to their home video romp with a camera screen displaying a flashing record button.

In the final scene of the video, Ray J watches the faux Kardashian on TV as she is mobbed by paparazzi. He gives a sly smile at the camera as his vocals can be heard playing: “I put her on…”

Since the release of the sex tape, Kardashian’s popularity has grown, with her subsequent relationships garnering a great deal of public attention. She has dated football star Reggie Bush and married NBA player Kris Humphries. She is now pregnant with Kanye West‘s child.

Ray J leaves none of these stones unturned.

“If you were to comeback to me girl/ we’ll make another movie/ She might move on to rappers and ball players, but we all know I hit it first…”

Despite the lyrics, which makes overt references to Kardashian’s sex life, Ray J is careful not to mention her name.

“It’s been a lot of speculation about the record,” Ray J told V-103/Atlanta in reference to the Kim’s role as inspiration. “We’re just having fun… We’re not trying to bash nobody.”

While Ray J downplays the Kardashian connection and any potential blow-back from Kanye West, he does offer a type of olive branch.

“Ain’t nothing wrong with hitting it second,” he said. “We are trying to show love and spread the love and stay true to what we do.”

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