Style Files: Princeton Of Mindless Behavior Talks Rock T-Shirt Collection

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Recording artist Starshell and Princeton of the singing group Mindless Behavior attend day 2 of the 2012 BET Awards Celebrity Gifting Suite held at The Shrine Auditorium on June 30, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

(Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images For BET)

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Fans of the boy band Mindless Behavior are used to seeing the guys attired in matching outfits, often all-black suits. But those who caught the group’s documentary,  All Around The World, discovered how the guys dressed on their off time. For one of them, Princeton, that meant getting up close and personal with his expansive collection of rock t-shirts.

Princeton comes from a much more rock-oriented background that the rest of his bandmates, citing John Lennon as one of his favorite artists. In the film, he can be seen sporting shirts that feature the Pixies, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, Nirvana and a plethora of other rock bands — a collection he told is the result of years of curation.

“I grew up listening to every punk band you can think of so when I dress… I always love a really old beat-up old rock t-shirt,” Princeton said. “It can be really big or super small, ripped up — it doesn’t really matter. I rock it the way I rock it.”


“I get them from thrift stores. I get a lot of my stuff from thrift stores or I just steal them from my aunt,” he laughed. “I really steal clothes a lot.”

“Or Hot Topic,” Ray Ray said, as Princeton agreed. “That’s one of my favorite stores.”

Princeton claims Mindless Behavior fans have taken an interest in a few of his favorite bands, whose logos he seems to see more and more after wearing them himself.

“I think I should be endorsed by Nirvana or the Misfits because I swear to God, once I said these are my favorite bands, I swear I’ve seen Misfits shirts and Nirvana sweaters everywhere,” Princeton laughed. “Literally, I’ve seen that smile face and that skull face everywhere.”

And what Princeton’s t-shirt collection offers is more than an expression of himself: it’s an entry point for Mindless Behavior’s fans into a legion of rock bands they may not have otherwise explored.

“Prodigy just told me, we were in Detroit and this little girl came up with this Nirvana shirt,” Princeton recounted. “And Prodigy was like, ‘You’re really influencing these girls to get outside the comfort zone and get culture with music.’ That’s real inspiring.”

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